Setting new standards
in driving safety and
user experience

Camera-based in-cabin understanding

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emotion3D’s in-cabin analysis software makes driving safer and enables next level user experience.


emotion3D offers state of the art computer vision and machine learning software for image-based analysis of in-cabin environments. This analysis enables a comprehensive understanding of humans and objects inside a vehicle. It is the basic building block for intelligent safety and user experience functions.



emotion3D’s SDK contains several human and object analysis modules for in-cabin monitoring. Additionally, we offer customization services for different hardware and vehicle environments as well as use-case development.

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Our algorithms feature highest accuracy and robustness even in challenging real-life situations making them applicable for safety-critical use cases.


emotion3D’s algorithms are highly optimized to function on standard low-power embedded ECUs in real-time contributing to cost-efficiency.


Our algorithms work with various camera types and ECU architectures which minimizes integration efforts into existing camera/ECU setups.


Since everything is processed locally in the vehicle we ensure data privacy. No frame of in-cabin camera data will be stored or leave the car.


European Forum Alpbach: Panel Discussion with our CTO

European Forum Alpbach: Panel Discussion with our CTO

Our CTO, Michael Hoedlmoser, was part of a panel discussion at the European Forum Alpbach about the topic "What's certain is that nothing is certain" among other Austrian top executives. Especially in times of Covid-19 it is crucial to stay agile and resilient as a...

CarVisionLight: intelligent lighting solutions for cars

CarVisionLight: intelligent lighting solutions for cars

emotion3D and the world-leading Tier 1 supplier ZKW are working on an intelligent lighting system. This system detects certain objects and their distance to the vehicle enabling an optimal illumination of the road. This project is a great example of how emotion3D’s...

emotion3D: Austrian technology for autonomous driving

emotion3D: Austrian technology for autonomous driving

In this article of the Austrian business magazine “Trend” you can read a concise introduction of emotion3D and the reasons why in-cabin monitoring is a necessary tool for increasing road safety. (German article)  CLICK HERE to read the article. Image Credit: trend /...