In this connected world, people have started to spend a significant portion of their lives on the go. Safety will always be the main consideration for vehicles to which regulations around the world and novel technologies have strongly contributed. However, consumers are expecting more than just safety from their vehicles. 

The topic of user experience is one that is becoming more and more important for vehicle manufacturers (OEMs). They are competing not only based on safety features of their vehicles but also additional features they are providing their customers, which make their journeys easier and more enjoyable. One integral way to add more of such features is utilizing driver and occupant monitoring systems (DOMS). Although DOMS are known for their various safety features, they also cater to the needs of users by enhancing user experience. 

As an example, DOMS can enhance the driving experience by offering personalized assistance. It can adjust the vehicle’s settings, such as seat position, mirrors, and climate control, to match the driver’s preferences as soon as they enter the car. Moreover, by tracking the driver’s gaze and gestures, DOMS can also enable advanced infotainment control. A simple glance or hand gesture can be used to adjust music volume, answer calls, or navigate the navigation system, reducing the need for manual interactions which may lead to driver distraction. Those are merely a few examples of how camera-based in-cabin analysis can add unique features for drivers and passengers.  

In combination with camera-based technologies, the multi-modal use of voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant allows drivers to control various functions through body language and voice commands, making the driving experience much more intuitive and less distracting, which in turn reinforces safety. 

As one of the two main goals of emotion3D, user experience is in the heart of our projects. We strive to provide a large variety of information on the driver and passengers within the in-cabin environment to offer individual OEMs the chance to build their own unique use cases. They can specifically fulfil the desires of their customers, and completely customize their vehicles according to their preference and priorities. 

Concluding this successful year with a well-deserved break, our excitement builds for the start of the new year at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Join us there to witness our latest innovations, featuring a demo that seamlessly integrates three main areas of in-cabin analysis: active safety, passive safety, and user experience.  

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