emotion3D participated in one of the most significant mobility events of the year, the IAA Mobility, which took place in Munich from the 5th until the 10th of September. As part of the IAA Summit, emotion3D’s booth featured a live demo as well as multiple embedded demos showcasing its latest innovations.  

emotion3D’s Wide Field of View DOMS Demo 

emotion3D’s interactive wide field of view DOMS (driver and occupancy monitoring) gained positive feedback from professionals in the field. While Euro NCAP and GSR compliant distraction and drowsiness features were the centre of attention, user experience features and intuitive gestures collected praise. Moreover, it was the first showcase of emotion3D’s partnership with Chuhang Tech and SAT, where the mmWave radar of Chuhang Tech estimated vital signs that were used by SAT’s sleep onset prediction algorithms to enhance drowsiness detection. The booth also featured joint demos with Apex.AI and Nextchip, underlining emotion3D’s innovative collaborations. 

Future of Mobility 

Aside from the numerous booths of companies that operate in the mobility industry, the event also hosted presentations, panels and visionary talks. These centred around the future of mobility and sustainability. Compared to previous years, there was a clear shift towards more sustainable practices, for instance an increase in EV and its components such as charging stations and alternative power and battery solutions. Moreover, the event offered network and knowledge sharing opportunities amongst professionals from around the globe. 

Another glimpse into the future of mobility was the rise of autonomous vehicles. Companies showcased their progress in self-driving technology, promising safer and more efficient transportation. For instance, Holon showcased their autonomous shuttle “Mover”, MOIA exhibited their autonomous vehicle as well as Schaeffler and VDL Group which presented their self-driving electric shuttle. While autonomous vehicles have the potential to reduce accidents and traffic congestion, occupant monitoring technologies become critical to ensure safety for the interior and exterior environments. emotion3D’s Cabin Eye automation stack is focusing on enabling safe, secure and efficient autonomous fleets by analysing the interior of the vehicle. 

User Experience: More important than ever 

While consumers expect advanced safety and sustainability, another subject of interest is user experience. In the recent years, consumers have gotten used to more user-friendly practices and features that make their lives easier and more fun. Therefore, another key take-away from the IAA Mobility 2023 is the fact that new developments need to focus on user experience along with safety and sustainability. 

All in all, IAA Mobility brought together many stakeholders of the industry to discuss the future of mobility and sustainability. The event highlighted the latest trends on a global scale and hinted what is yet to come. With new developments at the door, emotion3D is already looking forward to the next IAA event.