elektroniknet.de recently published an article about Becom Systems and emotion3D.

Brief summary

The AI software company emotion3D and the electronics service provider Becom Systems are combining their expertise. The result is a product for the interior analysis of vehicles.

The partners plan to present their development in the first quarter of 2021 as a prototype consisting of hardware and AI software. The cameras developed by Becom capture areas of the interior; video streams captured by those cameras are then analysed by emotion3D’s AI software to obtain relevant information in real time about what is happening inside the car. For example, the status of the driver can be determined, and gestures for intuitive control of the infotainment system can be recognised. In addition, other analysis modules are offered, e.g. drowsiness detection, distraction detection, personalisation, occupant classification, and even emotions can be detected. The analysis takes place in real time on a computing platform in the car and in compliance with data protection rights.

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Please note that the article is written in German.