CES 2024, the much-anticipated event for all technology related industries, has concluded after the showcasing of the latest innovations. This year’s event included numerous groundbreaking developments and showcases, especially in the realm of the automotive industry with DMS becoming a mainstream solution. 


Lowest resolution DOMS demo in the industry 


As emotion3D we presented two demos in our private suite and collaborated on multiple joint demonstrations in partner and customer suites and booths. The focus was the demo, featuring a 2D camera, highlighting various active safety features while introducing expression recognition capabilities on top of established user experience features. Visitors were impressed by the 3D body key point analysis from 2D image outputs, which presented a novel approach on the passive safety front, providing useful and high-quality information at a lower cost. 


The second demo leveraging a Time of Flight (ToF) camera provided by Melexis, showcased even higher accuracy and redundancy in depth values by combining the algorithmic estimation with ToF measurements. Despite ToF cameras being traditionally solely associated with passive safety features, such as adaptive restraint control systems, we demonstrated the versatility of this technology by successfully integrating the Cabin Eye software stack, including active safety and user experience features. Showcasing thereby, the industry’s lowest resolution DOMS demo, and collecting positive feedback for our accurate eye gaze analysis and associated features at this low pixel density. 


Notable Partner and Customer Demos 


The integration of our Cabin Eye software stack with BlackBerry’s Ivy platform resulted in an impressive vehicle showcase at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This collaboration showcased the seamless integration and adaptability of our technology across embedded platforms. Another long-lasting partnership with Nextchip portrayed the embedding of the Cabin Eye software stack on the APACHE5 platform, further demonstrating our commitment to innovation and collaboration. 


Furthermore, BHTC and Luxoft showcased our joint demos in their private suites. These demos included a full-body Driver Monitoring System (DMS) demo and virtual validation demos respectively, both receiving positive feedback from industry experts. 


CES 2024 Trends and Insights 


CES 2024 revealed a clear pattern of digitalization and widespread use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across diverse industries. The automotive sector, in particular, focused on multiple aspects of safety, aligning with the initiation of the GSR mandate for all new vehicles being sold in Europe this year. This prompted numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier1s to direct their focus toward compliance with these regulations and other upcoming standards. Specifically, the next topics that await to be addressed are sound solutions for passive safety systems namely adaptive restraints, vital signs and other features around health and wellness.  


In order to combine numerous regulations and demands, sensor fusion seems to be favoured. Some examples can be seen in preliminary impairment detection solutions. A clear incline in radar and other non-intrusive sensors can be seen throughout the industry providing solutions for vital signs, child presence detection (CPD), intoxication detection, etc. However, to fulfil all requirements and validate the systems, these need to be combined with other sensors such as cameras.  

Looking Ahead 


The showcased technologies and collaborations at CES 2024, underline our commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, promising a year of advancements and breakthroughs.  


We are eager to share more developments throughout the year, anticipating the opportunity to reconnect and engage with contacts from the automotive industry at InCabin USA in May, the next prominent trade show on our horizon.