emotion3D participated in the InCabin Brussels conference held on the 20-22nd of June. This event brought together renowned automotive interior specialists which portrayed the latest developments and innovations in the industry. With a focus on transforming the in-cabin experience, the conference covered crucial aspects such as safety, comfort and connectivity. emotion3D, alongside other industry leaders and researchers, presented cutting-edge technologies that showcased the immense potential to shape the future of mobility.  

The InCabin Brussels conference featured an extensive technical agenda, including tutorials, roundtables, presentations, and panel discussions. The topics covered diverse areas such as safety regulations, user experience improvements for drivers and passengers, DMS and OMS systems, validation and testing techniques, 3D and radar technologies and synthetic data. This comprehensive agenda provided attendees with in-depth insights into the latest advancements in the automotive industry.  

Our CTO at the Forefront  

Among the esteemed presenters at the conference was emotion3D’s CTO, Michael Hödlmoser. He delivered a compelling talk on leveraging 3D information for automotive In-Cabin analysis. His presentation highlighted emotion3D’s expertise and commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the in-cabin experience while keeping the occupant analysis system cost effective.  

Partnership Announcement  

During the conference, emotion3D’s CEO, Florian Seitner, took part in a press briefing to announce an exciting partnership with Chuhang Technologies and Sleep Advice Technologies. This innovative collaboration aims to develop a multi-sensor in-cabin analysis system that combines camera and radar technology. This system goes beyond detecting drowsiness based on eye analysis, providing remarkable accuracy, and enabling various use cases, including CPD (Child Presence Detection).   

Captivating Demos and Collaborations  

emotion3D gathered positive feedback from conference attendees with their wide field-of-view DOMS (Driver Occupancy Monitoring System) demo, providing a hands-on experience of their cutting-edge technology. Additionally, partners such as Varroc, SAT, and BHTC, showcased joint demos with emotion3D, further demonstrating their collaborative approach and commitment to advancing the in-cabin experience.  

Safety, Comfort, and Connectivity  

Based on the discussions and presentations at InCabin it is clear that the car is no longer viewed merely as a means of transportation, but also as a space where individuals spend a significant portion of their lives. Therefore, more features are being added that highlight the comfort of passengers along with safety. Cars are becoming increasingly connected, seamless communication and entertainment options are becoming the norm. Moreover, the wellness of the passengers is considered through features such as personalized environments. With increased emphasis on user experience, emotion3D strives to make time spent in the car enjoyable while ensuring a safe driving experience.