As we reflect on the first half of 2023, the emotion3D team is thrilled to highlight a number of achievements and milestones. From winning new customers, forging new collaborations to securing certifications and participating in prestigious trade shows, our company has been making solid progress in advancing the field of driver and occupant analysis. 

We kicked off the year with a trip to Las Vegas. CES, as every year, is our first trip after our Christmas holidays. Not only did we have countless highly productive meetings with customers, partners and other industry stakeholders, but we also announced our collaboration with SAT & Garmin. Together, we devised an innovative solution to drowsiness detection by integrating our Cabin Eye software stack, SAT’s sleep onset prediction algorithm, and Garmin’s smartwatch technology. 

In February, we embarked on an exciting collaboration with Brainchip, a leading provider of neuromorphic processors. By combining our expertise in driver and occupant analysis with Brainchip’s state-of-the-art processor, we aimed to revolutionize driving safety and enhance the overall driving experience. Our joint efforts focused on maximizing efficiency, precision, and minimizing energy consumption to deliver unparalleled results. 

In March, we were awarded another large series production project with a new customer (stay tuned for exciting announcements). 

While we dedicated considerable efforts to external collaborations, we also prioritized the enhancement of our internal processes and quality management. We are delighted to announce that our commitment has been recognized through our successful achievement of the TISAX Level 3 certification, which also encompasses the protection of prototype components. This certification proves our dedication to delivering top-tier solutions while upholding the highest industry standards. 

Furthermore, we received invitations from prestigious international trade shows and events. These platforms provided us with a remarkable opportunity to showcase our technologies and expertise. Notable among these events were EAS IMS Tech 2023 and InCabin Brussels 2023, where our CTO, Michael Hödlmoser, delivered speeches outlining our expertise in deriving 3D occupant information. 

Through our participation in trade shows such as the Automotive Testing Expo 2023 in Stuttgart and the highly specialized InCabin Brussels 2023 event, we had the opportunity of showcasing our newest solutions for driver and occupant monitoring to key stakeholders in the industry. Our technology was also present in our partners’ booths; as BHTC, Varroc and SAT showcased our joint demos. Moreover, during InCabin Brussels 2023, our CEO, Florian Seitner, joined the press briefing to announce our latest partnership with SAT and Chuhang Tech. This collaboration aims to create a multi-sensor fusion solution that combines camera and radar technologies, complemented by SAT’s sleep onset prediction algorithms. Together, we strive to deliver highly accurate drowsiness detection solutions, ensuring utmost safety for drivers and passengers. 

With a successful first half of 2023 behind us, we look forward to the next half of the year when many exciting news and events such as IAA Mobility 2023 and CES 2024 are already being planned. Stay tuned as we share the newest developments for emotion3D and the automotive in-cabin industry!