The Firmenwagen Magazin wrote an article about in-cabin monitoring systems and emotion3D. For reading the full article, please click the link below.

Brief summary

In-cabin monitoring systems will help avoid a big share of road accidents in the near future. Of course, this is relevant for all vehicles and has special significance for fleets. On the one hand, it happens that commercial drivers spend a long period of time behind the steering wheel which might lead to drowsiness and fatigue. Driver monitoring systems (DMS) help in those cases to keep the drivers and other road users safe. Additionally, fleet companies are confronted with numerous problems when an accident with one of their vehicles occurs. First and foremost, every company wants to keep their employees safe and injured drivers are always a big concern. However, there are also economical issues to consider. An accident might cause repair costs, downtimes, reputation damage, legal actions, etc.

In-cabin monitoring helps avoid such problems. And by doing so, they will also lower cost of insurance. In the near future, there will be insurance companies offering lower rates for fleets with DMS installed their vehicles. Bottom line, DMS are a real problem- and cost-avoider. Each fleet company should consider their application for instant safety enhancement.

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Please note that the article is written in German.